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£14.9m awarded for pioneering low carbon programme in Yorkshire and the Humber

Disadvantaged communities across Yorkshire and the Humber are set to benefit from a ground-breaking new project, which, for the first time ever, will see low carbon measures installed throughout whole houses.

The Big Energy Upgrade will see the University of Sheffield work alongside partners to monitor the performance of the installed measures, look at behavioural issues linked with energy consumption, support the supply chain associated with the project and monitor energy consumption in selected households.

Officially called the Energy Innovation for Deprived Communities, the programme is being delivered by a partnership of organisations throughout Yorkshire and the Humber. A total fund of £14.9m has been made available, of which £7m is being part-financed through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of Europe´s support for the region´s economic development through the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Programme.

Principle Investigator (PI) of The Big Energy Upgrade project, Professor Lenny Koh, Director of the Centre for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (CEES) and Associate Dean at the University of Sheffield´s Management School, said: “This project brings together the University´s cross cutting team from energy and environment, using a truly multi-disciplinary approach to tackle these important energy challenges in society. We look forward to working closely with the local authorities and other partners in pioneering this low carbon direction.”

The project will run until March 2014 and will act as a catalyst in attracting further funding towards energy efficiency projects, which in turn will create more demand for materials and skills in the area of retrofitting and micro generation. It will also help to prepare the region, in terms of knowledge and experience, for the delivery of a new area-based whole house approach to be delivered as part of the Government´s Green Deal post 2012.

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