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A cultural and intellectual exchange – developing our partnership with Kobe

Dr Naoko Komori (centre) with Prof Andrew Simpson and Prof David Oglethorpe (left) and representatives from Kobe

Dr Naoko Komori (centre) with (L-R): Prof Andrew Simpson, Prof David Oglethorpe (Sheffield), Prof Katsuhiko Kokubu, Prof Kazumi Suzuki, Prof Hirofumi Matsuo and Ass Prof Takaaki Hoda (Kobe)

Following an invited trip to Japan in September 2015, Dr Naoko Komori, a lecturer in accounting at the Management School, has returned to Kobe University’s Graduate School of Business Administration with members of the executive board to further the relationship between the two institutions.

Naoko is leading the partnership which will focus on intellectual exchange, though may also develop into new areas over time. She said: “Since I started my PhD at Sheffield, I knew I wanted to bridge Japan and the UK – two very important players in the contemporary knowledge creation which are very different in cultural heritage. There is too much indigenous knowledge on Japan that still remains untranslated in international academic arena.

“As such, the potential of a partnership between Sheffield and Kobe is very exciting, and will fulfil a life-long aim for me. Personal circumstances have unfortunately delayed my ambition in this area, and it is satisfying from a professional and personal perspective that we are now making in-roads.

“Linking knowledge from the East and West will underpin our universities’ international reputations, leading to fantastic benefits for the schools, their students and researchers. Though there are many more conversations to be had, the foundations of this relationship are strong and we will build on them over the coming months.”

Prof Katsuhiko Kokubu, Dean of Kobe Graduate School of Business Administration, commented: “I am convinced that Sheffield and Kobe can collaborate productively and fruitfully, particularly around one of the core areas of research that we have in common – such as entrepreneurship and glocalisation.”

Kobe Graduate School of Business Administration is a top university for business and economics in Japan which is well-established and boasts a rich history. Click here for more information.

Dean of Sheffield University Management School, Prof David Oglethorpe, discussed his trip with Naoko to Japan in his recent blog. Click here to read it.


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