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Dr Naoko Komori receives high commendation in Mary Parker Follett Award shortlist

The Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal (AAAJ) provides a forum for the publication of high-quality manuscripts which explore, debate and critique accounting and auditing policy and practice and how these interact within their socio-economic and political environments.

The shortlist for the Mary Parker Follett Award is selected each year by editors and members of the advisory board in recognition of the paper making the most significant contribution towards research literature published in the AAAJ.  The award reflects AAAJ’s leadership and commitment to the IPAAA (Interdisciplinary perspectives on accounting, auditing and accountability) movement honouring a woman who was a pioneer in interdisciplinary approaches to the philosophy and practice of accountability and management.

Dr Naoko Komori’s recent publication  “Towards the feminization of accounting practice: lessons from the experiences of Japanese women in the accounting profession” was highly commended in the shortlist.

This paper explores the relationship of women and and accounting in different social and cultural contexts, drawing on in-depth ethnographical studies to examine the real-life experiences of 66 Japanese women accounting professionals.  By considering the influence that their entry into the accounting profession had had on its role and position, it locates their lived experiences within the context of ongoing corporate governance changes and globalization in the field of accountancy.  In so doing, it has made a significant contribution to the opening up of this Anglo-centred argument in the research area.

The paper can be found in the Special Issue of AAAJ on “Gender and Accounting Revisited”(edited by Jane Broadbent and Linda Kirkham) in 2008 (Vol.21, No.4)

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