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Alumnus Richard Bruce tackles top 50 manufacturing companies in South Yorkshire

In this year’s analysis of the 50 top performing manufacturing companies in South Yorkshire,  Management School alumnus and Advanced Visiting Fellow Richard Bruce,  reveals that the two top performers remain in the same positions as last year, but for the remaining 48 there have been a lot of changes.

To qualify for inclusion in the table the company must be an active manufacturer in the Region, and its registered office (RO) must be in South Yorkshire.

The University of Sheffield continues its support for the development of the region’s advanced manufacturing expertise, as plans for the state-of-the-art Training Centre at the University’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), have been approved by Rotherham Council. The centre will provide training in the practical and academic skills that manufacturing companies need to compete globally.  Its focus will be on 250 young people training as apprentices each year, with as many as 400 on site once the programme is fully underway.

You can download the article and the top 50 table from the Sheffield Star’s business section from Wednesday 24th October here.

You can read more about The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) at:

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