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COMPOSITE project comes to Sheffield

Comparative Police Studies in the EU (COMPOSITE) is a major new European Union Framework 7 funded research programme valued at 6.6 million Euros. Based on a study of police forces across Europe, COMPOSITE aims to improve the planning and execution of change initiatives in the police, identifying how these activities can be better aligned with the cultural and societal context per country and explaining how negative process effects can be mitigated. The project also aims to improve individual police organisation per country and joint European capabilities.

The consortium consists of 15 research partners and 25 police forces in 10 European Union countries. The programme itself is made of eleven separate Work Packages.

Dr Kamal Birdi (Institute of Work Psychology, Management School, University of Sheffield) is leading Work Package 3 ‘Knowledge sharing capabilities and best practices in police organisations’ . This has received funding of £333,000 and will run from August 2010 to July 2014. The research objectives are:

1. To develop a framework for understanding knowledge-sharing practices between police organisations across Europe. This framework will comprehend knowledge sharing at three levels of complexity: communication, cooperation and collaboration.

2. Assess individual and organisational barriers and enablers to knowledge sharing.

3. Develop a diagnostic tool to assess the Knowledge Sharing Capabilities of an organisation.

The project is intended to enhance both the understanding and practice of organisational learning in police forces.

Dr Birdi has worked with a wide variety of pubic and private sector organisations and has published widely in both national and international journals. He is a fully Chartered Occupational Psychologist with the British Psychological Society/Health Professions Council and is Director of one of the UK’s leading MScs in Occupational Psychology at the University of Sheffield.

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