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CREED Awarded European Funding to Analyse EU R&D Policy Framework

Two members of the Centre for Regional Economic and Enterprise Development (CREED), Dr Tim Vorley and Dr Peter Rodgers, have been awarded 15,000 EUR through the European Spatial Planning Observation Network (ESPON). As part of the programme of work focusing on the Advanced Monitoring and Coordination of EU R&D Policies at Regional Level (AMCER), this research will examine the impact of EU programmes such as the FP6/FP7 and the CIP.

Dr Vorley and Dr Rodgers will be conducting a study of EU R&D policies in the East of England, examining the impact they have had on both R&D performance and territorial cohesion. This research will feed into an inter-regional comparison and serve as a monitoring tool with empirical evidence used to develop insights and understanding about the impacts of EU policies at the regional level. The intention is that the project will support robust and better informed policy making.

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