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Dr Diane Burns to pilot innovative home care approaches

Dr Diane Burns

Dr Diane Burns is leading a research project, working with Sheffield City Council to roll out a new pilot study aimed at improving innovation in the provision of home care in the city.

Policy makers recognise that home care is a better and more cost effective way of supporting people to live independently for longer in their own homes.

However, the home care sector is faced with a number of problems including financial cuts, care quality, workforce recruitment and retention, and the growing need to avoid preventable hospital admissions and delayed discharges.

The ‘Doing Care Differently’ study aims to encourage experiments in the design and implementation of new models of funding and providing care in the city. The project has secured £50,000 in funding from the Wellcome Trust.

Diane said: “This project brings together a team of interdisciplinary researchers who co-wrote two public interest reports (see below), which set out our distinct and critical perspectives on social care.

“With the Doing Care Differently study we want to carry out action research to support the design and implementation of new models of funding and operating at the local level.”

The pilot will create a network of care recipients, academics, council officers, commissioners and care providers to share knowledge, investigate health outcomes and the implications alternative care models may have for Sheffield.

It will also include a forum for stakeholders in the city to discuss choices, develop plans and identify what support is required to successfully develop new models of care. Researchers will visit cities in Holland, Spain and Norway to look at successful models of care that are currently in place.

If the pilot is successful, researchers hope to apply for further funding to extend the pilot across the UK.

The reports:

Where does the money go? Financialised chains and the crisis in residential care report

Why we need social innovation in home care for older people report


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