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Dr Kamal Birdi announced as Keynote at DOP 2012 Conference

Dr Kamal Birdi has been invited to give the Keynote Address on Innovation and Creativity at the Division of Occupational Pyschology (DOP) 2012 Conference of the British Psychological Society.

He will be speaking on the topic of ‘Turning ideas into innovations? A review of creativity training in organisations’.

The increasingly dynamic and competitive conditions of the 21st Century are raising the need for organizations to innovate more frequently and more effectively.  However, there has been relatively little evaluation of the effectiveness of creativity training interventions.  Dr Birdi will review perspectives from innovation research, and identify factors influencing creativity training effectiveness in the workplace.  Three important lessons will be discussed:

  1. That the knowledge and skills required for idea generation are different for those needed for implementation of those ideas in organisations.
  2. That development of creative motivation and self-efficacy are as important as the development of creative thinking skills for the long-term success of such initiatives.
  3. That the work environment can play a significant role in influencing the transfer of creativity training back to the workplace.

The presentation will also report on a new model of innovation training called Clear Idea, which develops the skills needed for both generating creative solutions and facilitating their successful implementation.

Dr Kamal Birdi has been engaging in research and practice in the areas of organisational innovation, learning and performance for nearly twenty years at the Institute of Work Psychology. He developed a training evaluation framework called the Taxonomy of Training and Development Outcomes (TOTADO) aimed at improving evaluation practice and has now produced a practical training system (CLEAR IDEA) designed to enhance the innovativeness of employees. In 2010, he was given the DOP Academic Contribution to Practice Award in light of his efforts to apply research to enhancing organisational processes.

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