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EAWOP Small Group Meeting “Advances in the Psychology of Entrepreneurship”

IWP at the Management School are delighted to announce the EAWOP Small Group Meeting “Advances in the Psychology of Entrepreneurship” will take place in Sheffield between June 29th and July 1st 2012.

The meeting will take place immediately after the IWP Conference 2012. The aim of this small group meeting is to advance the field of Psychology of Entrepreneurship in Europe and beyond. This will be achieved by bringing together researchers working in the field and stimulating intense discussion, by encouraging participants to make links between each other’s work and by stimulating cross cultural collaboration. The contributions for the meeting will be clustered around four broad topics. Provisionally, these are:

  1. Entrepreneurial Personality: From trait to process and interaction;
  2. Advancing research on entrepreneurial careers;
  3. Entrepreneurial leadership; and
  4. Affect and cognition in entrepreneurship. A cross-cutting theme throughout the meeting will be to draw attention to cultural aspects.

The meeting also entails a number of keynote speakers chosen among top-level researchers in the broader field of the Psychology of Entrepreneurship. Confirmed keynote speakers include:

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Frese, National University of Singapore and Leuphana University
  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wegge, Dresden University of Technology
  • Prof. Dr. John Arnold, University of Sheffield

How can you take part?
The number of participants is restricted to 25. To participate please submit a paper to the Small Group Meeting organisers (see below) by March 1st 2012. There is no fee for participation. Please see the full call for papers here.

Meeting Organisers

The Small Group Meeting is sponsored by EAWOP – the European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology.


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