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ESRC event: Fuel poverty related illnesses

A further addition to the Management School’s succession of ESRC Festival of Social Sciences events.

Date: 6 November 2012
Time: 9.30am to 2pm
Venue: University of Sheffield, 169-171 Northumberland Road

How do you find the fuel poor? Perspectives from the front line

With rising fuel poverty figures and a decreasing likelihood of meeting the UK governments’ legislative commitment to eradicating fuel poverty by 2016, the need to take effective action to tackle this social ill has never been more important. Against a background of austerity and economic slow down, how do front line services define fuel poverty, identify the fuel poor and tackle it in their everyday practice?

The Centre for Energy, Environment and Sustainability at the University of Sheffield plays host to an ESRC Festival of Social Science event seeking to uncover current approaches to fuel poverty, to stimulate debate over best practice and encourage the sharing of practitioners knowledge and academic insight to collaboratively move towards the ultimate erradication of fuel poverty. The event draws together social services, local authorities, social housing providers, community associations, third sector groups, health professionals and academics for what promises to be a lively debate, chaired by experts from within practice and academia.

For practitioners, this event provides an opportunity to understand how other services operate, explain their approach to other partners and develop a best practice approach to tackling fuel poverty. Academics will benefit from engaging with fuel poverty stakeholders to extend their knowledge and understanding of how fuel poverty is approached and how theory is or could be applied in practice.

Further information:

This event is also being supported by the Big Energy Upgrade, a flagship £14.9million, ERDF part-funded, multi partner project linking the University of Sheffield with 6 Local Authorities, 6 ALMOs/social housing providers and YES, an energy advice company to make houses across the Yorkshire and Humber region more energy efficient and reduce their carbon emissions. Find out more about the Big Energy Upgrade here.

The Festival of Social Science is run by the Economic and Social Research Council and takes place from 3-10 November 2012. With events from some of the country’s leading social scientists, the Festival celebrates the very best of British social science research and how it influences our social, economic and political lives – both now and in the future. This year’s Festival of Social Science has over 180 creative and exciting events across the UK to encourage businesses, charities, government agencies, schools and college students to discuss, discover and debate topical social science issues. Press releases detailing some of the varied events and a full list of the programme are available at the Festival website. You can now follow updates from the Festival on twitter using #esrcfestival

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