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European Parliament accepts SUMS-designed platform to challenge undeclared work

The European Commission has proposed the creation of a European Platform, designed by Professor Colin Williams (pictured above) at Sheffield University Management School, to improve cooperation at EU level in order to prevent and deter undeclared work more effectively.

The Platform will bring together various national enforcement bodies involved in the fight against undeclared work, a phenomenon that causes serious damage to working conditions, fair competition and public budgets.

EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, László Andor, said: “Undeclared work deprives workers of social protection, puts their health and safety at risk and lowers labour standards. It also undermines fair competition for businesses and endangers the sustainability of public finances and social security systems. In the end, everybody loses. This is why the Commission is fully committed to support Member States in tackling this scourge, so we can protect workers, level the playing field for companies and safeguard fiscal revenue”

The new Platform would bring together all enforcement bodies involved in tackling undeclared work, such as labour and social security inspectorates and tax and migration authorities, as well as other stakeholders, such as EU-level representatives of employers and employees. The proposal envisages that all Member States should be members of the Platform, as undeclared work affects all of them, and joint participation of all EU countries is crucial to address cross-border situations.

The Platform would fill a vacuum at the EU level, where until now undeclared work is discussed sporadically and in an uncoordinated way in different committees and working groups. It would allow for more effective cooperation between those who deal with undeclared work on the ground every day.

Read more about the Platform in the European Commission’s press release:

You can find some FAQs on the platform here:


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