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Fantastic PhD scholarships at the Management School 2015

If you’ve considered studying for a PhD in 2015, here’s your chance to be supervised by some of Sheffield University Management School’s world-leading academics.

We’ve allocated £330,000 towards project and open PhD opportunities.

CRAFiC, the Centre for Research into Accounting and Finance in Context, is offering seven project opportunities with supervision from across the centre which seeks to encourage and conduct rigorous research into the ways in which accounting and finance are constituted. They also aim to contribute to the cutting edge of research in accounting and finance that have relevance for the wider economy and the society at large.

From ‘Management Accounting Innovations’ to ‘Social Accounting and Democratic Accountability’, the seven available projects with CRAFiC are available to apply for until 10 April. Find out more about scholarships and funding at SUMS here.

CREED, the Centre for Regional Economic and Enterprise Development, is offering two PhD project opportunities in ‘How do SMEs Access the Funding they need to Support Business Activities’ and ‘Entrepreneurship in a Corporate Context’.

Working with academics such as Drs Tim Vorley, Nick Williams, Peter Rodgers and Robert Wapshott, as well as Professor Josephine Maltby from CRAFiC, these opportunities present an exciting opportunity to candidates focusing on the increasingly important areas of regional development and entrepreneurship. You can view SUMS scholarships here, and they also carry the deadline of 10 April 2015.

CReiMS, a cluster which looks at Critical Research in Marketing and Society, is hosting three PhD project opportunities on themes including maximising the social value of festival sponsorship in the UK, and sustainable behaviour and sustainability education.

Sheffield University Management School’s burgeoning Marketing/Creative and Cultural Industries Management division is an exciting place to conduct your study, and CReiMS draws upon the strong narrative of sustainability, ethical, international and consumer research that is currently an integral part of it. Discover information on SUMS’ scholarships here.

World leading authorities in wellbeing, occupational/work psychology and leadership await at the Management School’s Institute of Work Psychology (IWP). They are offering five supervision opportunities; ‘Exploring the Benefitial Effects of Work as a Route to Social Inclusion’, ‘Unexpected Leadership in times of Uncertainty’, ‘Reducing Intergroup Conflict through Leadership’, ‘Innovation in Virtual Work’, and ‘The Challenges of Collaboration for Innovation’.

With supervisors including Drs Eva Selenko, Malcolm Patterson, David Rast, Carolyn Axtell, Kamal Birdi and Anna Topakas, these projects provide an amazing opportunity to aspiring scholars with an interests in developing and testing theory about the effects of work on employee wellbeing and performance, and doing so using rigorous quantitative and qualitative methods, with particular emphasis being placed on the use of longitudinal and change studies.

IWP provide a rigorous yet friendly research environment, rich with expertise. Discover information on SUMS’ scholarships here.

LSCM, the research centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, offers you the opportunity to be supervised by internationally-recognised, leading experts in this very current topic. They are offering three project opportunities in ‘Transitional Change in the Low Carbon Energy Industry’, ‘Housing Crisis in the UK: Can Crowdfunding the Custom/Self-build Sector Provide a Solution’ and ‘Big Data for Regional Growth in SMEs’.

The centre focuses on research, development and application of leading edge multi-disciplinary work which impacts on logistics and supply chain management nationally and internationally. The team works with stakeholders including other academics, industrialists, businesses and policy makers on R&D, knowledge exchange, consultancy, executive education and training on these important areas. You can read about all of SUMS’ scholarship opportunities here.

Sheffield University Management School’s Strategy and International Business research group also have three fantastic opportunities open to potential scholars. Led by Dr Martina McGuinness, a supervisor in one of the projects, the group encompasses a large variety of interrelated research from strategies in emerging markets to the importance of cultural interplay.

Carrying the same deadline of 10 April 2015, applicants can choose from projects focusing on community resilience in an age of austerity, interactions between the home and overseas operations of emerging economies multinational enterprises, and social business behaviour in post-Soviet economies. Read about scholarship opportunities here.

Finally, the Work, Organisations and Employment Relations Research Centre (WOERRC) has four fantastic project scholarships for aspiring researchers with an interdisciplinary approach to interests relating to work, employment and the labour market.

The opportunities, titled ‘Flexibility and Security in European Labour Markets’, ‘Speaking Out in Organisational Climates of Silence’, ‘Delivering Work – Exploring Labour Process Change in the Parcel Delivery Sector’ and ‘Disability and Work: A Comparison across European Countries’, are supervised by some of the Management School’s leading academics who are well connected in academic and practitioner circles.

WOERRC facilitates collaboration between researchers from different academic fields and disciplines and in so doing aims to promote theoretical and methodological innovation, provide fresh analytical insights and strengthen the evidence base. Discover the scholarship opportunities here.

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