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Heightened awareness of NEX-GIFT project in India

Dr Alok Choudhary’s continued work on a project to change the future of freight transportation efficiency and sustainability is gaining momentum in India.The Statesman (All Editions), 5th November

The Next Generation Sustainable Freight Transportation (NEX-GIFT) project is being run by Dr Choudhary from Sheffield University Management School, in collaboration with esteemed academics from the USA and the Indian Institute of Technology. It is hoped that once the team has researched new and existing methodologies, identified best practices and created a knowledge framework for establishing practices to reduce the environmental impact caused by the freight industry in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and India, the sector will take findings on board.

The latest significant media coverage (pictured right – click to view larger) appears in India’s leading newspaper, The Statesman.

For more information on the NEX-GIFT project, read previous blog posts here, and here.

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