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Innovative seminar series addresses behavioural spillover


Does one thing lead to another? Experts at the Management School hope to find out.

PhD student Caroline Verfuerth (pictured), Prof Victoria Wells and Dr Caroline Oates from Management School research centre CReiMS, alongside Dr Chris Jones from Sheffield’s Department of Psychology, are involved in an innovative seminar series funded by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Together with researchers from Cardiff University, University of Surrey and the London School of Economics, the team will host one of four events of the seminar series called ‘Does one thing lead to another? Behavioural spillover in theory and practice’.

Caroline explained: “Behavioural spillover is when a change in one behaviour leads to changes in other behaviours. In this seminar series we aim to bring together researchers, policy makers and practitioners from psychology, management, sociology, marketing and economics, to discuss theoretical and methodological issues in spillover research and its implications. We hope the seminars will advance the field of this research by producing an innovative research agenda.

“Furthermore, we hope that the seminar series will inspire future research projects and policy which addresses social, health, environmental and management issues.”

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