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IWP Pre-Conference Workshops 29th June 2010

A programme of nine practical, evidence-based workshops will run through-out the day before the IWP conference begins. Each workshop has been individually designed to provide the latest thinking in the area supported by a strong theoretical background.

Would you like to learn more about what is the true meaning of a document; recording or video? Would you like to know how to understand what is going on in a meeting (the social dynamics), how authority can be discretely communicated and maintained, how authority can be disrupted, how to deal with disruptions? Then do not miss our workshop on critical discourse analysis (CDA) with Penny Dick.

As a research tool, for example, CDA offers fascinating insights into the relationship between culture, society and individuals and can show us how the status quo is largely maintained, as well as providing a window into those processes related to social transformation. As a consultancy tool, it can offer individuals a potentially liberating understanding of why some interactions can be difficult and challenging and help people better understand how their own behaviour cannot be understood without considering the social conditions of its production.

IWP are also delighted to offer the following workshops:

· Research in teams: Methodological and statistical issues

· Understanding, measuring, managing and reducing unconscious prejudice

· The secrets of employee engagement

· Understanding positive manager behaviour – session one

· Understanding leadership and authority in TOP Teams

· Promoting positive management behaviour – Session two: train the trainer

· What do you need to know about workplace coaching? Have a go, and find out.

The standard price for these workshops is £140 for half a day, £200 for full day, with discounts available to those attending the conference, students and those attending multiple courses. Lunch, refreshments and workshop materials are included in the price.

Closing date for registration is Friday 4th June, so please contact Carol Tighe or visit to download the registration form.

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