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Management School Post Graduate and Alumni End of Year Party

The Management School welcomed alumni, post graduate and MBA students, staff and friends of the school to an End of Year Celebratory Evening held at the ICOSS Building on 29th July.

The aim of the evening was to provide a chance for post graduate and MBA students to meet peers, staff and alumni of the school and to share their experiences and provide an opportunity to develop their professional networks for future careers. Amongst the guests present on the night were delegates from the school’s MBA and EMBA programmes, Masters and PhD students, alumnus of the school, Professor Lenny Koh Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs, Prof Bradley Barnes, Senior Lecturer Linda Lewis, Dr Carolyn Axtell and Alumni Officer Jody White from the Management School.

Guests were welcomed by Professor Lenny Koh Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs at the Management School who began by thanking staff, students, alumni and friends for all of their hard work, support and achievements over the past year and taking this opportunity to join in the celebrations. Professor Lenny Koh then went on to give a short speech, beginning with an update of the development of alumni relations of the school including recent alumni events that have taken place across India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and London and the establishment of an Alumni Advisory Board for the school.

Professor Lenny Koh then went on to talk about the influence alumni relations has over the various aspects of the school and future developments; alumni affairs helps advance research through joint working on research projects and publications and raising funds to support research activities, thus creating more opportunities for current and future students. As a member of the Management School, students are invited to expert lectures from guest alumni speakers to listen to their first-hand business knowledge and experiences. Alumni networks also help to develop the school’s business links and engagement, providing further opportunities to students through work and research placements, and develop further the school’s international links.

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Professor Lenny Koh ended the speech by welcoming current students to continue their relations and friendship through future engagement with the school as alumni to continue the great work and development of alumni relations within the school.The rest of the evening was then an opportunity for guests to relax and network over refreshments and a bite to eat.

The evening was well attended and there was a great atmosphere throughout the night; students shared experiences and their future plans and aspirations, and hopefully made some new contacts. “A very successful and well attended evening,” said Professor Lenny Koh, “It was very encouraging to meet so many of our ‘soon-to-be-alumni’ and also welcome back alumnus of the school and have this opportunity to celebrate the hard work and support of our staff, students, alumni and friends of the Management School. This is a great example of how the alumni relations programme at the school can help and support current students and hopefully demonstrates the benefits and opportunities available to them by continuing their relationship and friendship with the school through alumni engagement. We envisage holding similar events in the future and look forward to the future progress and development of alumni relations at the Management School.”

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