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Prof Lee’s paper acknowledged by the Academy of Management


A paper by Professor Bill Lee, Head of the Accounting and Finance division at the Management School, was acknowleged at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Vancouver, Canada.

Co-written with Professor Cathy Cassell of Leeds University Business School, the duo’s paper entitled ‘Understanding translation work in the multi-organizational translation of ideas‘, was placed as runner-up for the Carolyn Dexter Award for Best International Paper.

On the paper, Prof Lee said: “The article is about how an initiative that was first conceived in the UK – that of trade union supported learning representatives – was transferred to New Zealand.  The research involved three periods of fieldwork in New Zealand; one when the idea of learning representatives was being developed for the New Zealand context, another when the idea was being piloted and a third after the full scheme had been operational for a while. We discuss how the scheme evolved and changed as different actors either became involved or dropped out.

“Cathy and I have been working together on different research projects for well over a decade; indeed, the first period of fieldwork in New Zealand on this project took place in February-March 2005 and we had been studying  the corresponding scheme in the UK for a number of years before that.”

There are only two all-academy annual awards, this being one of them. There were 3,646 accepted papers at the conference this year – each of the 24 divisions put forward their best international paper for consideration. Lee and Cassell’s paper was put forward by the Organizational Development and Change Division.


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