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Sheffield’s Ken Delaney-Moore picks up Best Emerging Paper award at BAA Accounting Education SIG 2009

Ken Delaney-Moore from the University of Sheffield’s Management School received at award at the British Accounting Association Accounting Education Special Interest Group, held at the University of Essex last month.

Ken’s research looks at issues concerning self-assessment in Undergraduate Accounting Education.  The emergence of Personal Development Planning on the higher education curriculum has fuelled attempts to integrate ‘reflective’ activities – such as those which accompany self-assessment – into course work.

In Spring 2009, two hundred students on a core Level 2 undergraduate Financial Accounting module were asked to self-assess their performance of two critical exercises which together comprised 15% of the total module mark.  Students were also required to complete a feedback questionnaire comprising a series of statements and a five-point Likert scale.

The initial findings show strong evidence of a gender effect (female students tended to award themselves lower marks than did the males), and of a tendency for marks to be clustered around ’round’ numbers (50,60 etc). On average, self-assessed marks tended to be 5% higher than tutors assessments (made ‘blind’ of the students mark).

The Likert-scale results suggest broad agreement with statements claiming benefits for students’ meta-cognition and self-awareness, with obvious implications for PDP.

Answering anonymously, students mildly disagreed with the notion that they may have deliberately manipulated the process for personal gain (although some students suspect others may have done so).

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