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Stakeholders discuss Sheffield’s economic resilience at the ‘Project Resilience’ open forum

‘Project Resilience’ is a HEIF 4 funded project which is been carried out by The Centre for Regional Economic and Enterprise Development (CREED), in association with CFE and the Local Government Information Unit. The aim of this project is to engage national and regional stakeholders in a dialogue about entrepreneurialism, work and enterprise. Through such interactions and the facilitation of knowledge transfer, it is envisaged that the proposed plan of action will engender the creation of a new policy relevant research agenda on issues surrounding entrepreneurialism, work and enterprise.

On the 25th May 2011 ‘Project Resilience’ held a forum and networking event at the ICOSS centre at the University of Sheffield. The open forum brought together a range of stakeholders including academics and business people to discuss what makes a resilient economy. The event was introduced by the Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, and was followed by a series of speakers and panel discussions about what makes more resilient economies. Presentations on the day included Ekosgen and Yorkshire Cities 2011 ‘Index of Economic Resilience,’ presentations from the City Council, Chamber of Commerce and CFE.

The next phase of ‘Project Resilience’ is to embark on a programme of policy-relevant research building on the outcomes from the forum.

To view the full article of the event published in the SPA circular click the image on the left or download here.

For more information about ‘Project Resilience’ contact Dr peter Rodgers or Dr Tim Vorley or visit the project website

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