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Success at ESRC festival of Social Science

£800 has been awarded to Professor Lenny Koh from the ESRC to organise an event around the title below:

Fuel poverty: it’s there but you can’t see it!

This project builds upon the success of the BIG Energy Upgrade (BEU) Programme, a multi-partner regional project which is focused on tackling fuel poverty through energy efficiency improvements in the 10% most deprived communities in Yorkshire and the Humber.

This debate will look at how fuel poverty is defined; how it is identified particularly by those who operate on the ground; what are the practices and methodologies used by GPs and the NHS in detecting those illnesses associated with fuel poverty. The overarching aim of the debate will be to gather evidence on how fuel poverty is detected by staff working on the “frontline” and what systems and processes are in place to tackle it.

For more information about Professor Koh’s research, please see:

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