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Enactus Sheffield flourish on the world stage

Thursday, October 30th, 2014


In April, we reported on Enactus Sheffield’s success in the national heats of the World Cup.

Enactus Sheffield, a student-run company specialising in social enterprise projects in Sheffield and around the world, has representatives from all faculties at the university, though around 50 per cent of students who work with them are studying at the Management School.

The team is back in the country after competing in Beijing and reaching the semi-finals. Needless to say, the Management School is very proud of their achievements. Managing Director of Enactus Sheffield, undergraduate Accounting and Financial Management student Caroline Turner, spoke to us about the experience:

“Being able to present on the World Stage was genuinely an incredible experience. One of the reasons we worked so hard over the summer was to showcase our projects to their best in front of the top students, business leaders and academics from around the world. Seeing the support worldwide for our projects and how they are some of the best projects in the world was very rewarding for all our hard work.

“We were very fortunate that due to the support of the University, the Management School and USE we were able to take 23 students to Beijing with us. There was an incredible group feeling and we had a great time experiencing such a different culture. We travelled all over Beijing whilst we were there and got to experience the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City.

“The Enactus World Cup isn’t just about the competition, although being placed in the top eight teams in the world and losing out by only three points to the eventual winners [China] was a big achievement. World Cup is about being inspired, seeing the best teams in the world, and the collective difference the Enactus programme can make all over the world. In fact, one of the best parts of World Cup is the culture fair where each country showcases specialities from their own countries through dance, music, costume and giveaways – not many people can say they’ve experienced 36 cultures in one afternoon!”

We asked Caroline what she had planned for her second year as Managing Director of Enactus Sheffield: “For me, it’s mainly about sustainability – this year we actually had no plans to win Nationals as we were on a two-year plan! We want to make the projects we have even bigger and better and we’re starting new ones for the team to build upon and share with the UK long after I graduate. I am proud to lead an absolutely incredible and inspirational team and I’m sure great things are coming from all of them this year.

“We wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of the University and specifically the ongoing support of USE and the Management School. In an organisation like Enactus where there’s a complete change in management nearly every year, the constant presence of our academic advisors is invaluable. We also receive all different kinds of support including booking rooms, finance, logistics and, most importantly, advice! Of course, Enactus is all about putting skills the Management School teaches into practice in a real business environment. The Management School is a fantastic supporter of Enactus and has been for many years.”

Dr Jon Burchell, senior lecturer in management at the School, said: “As an Enactus Sheffield advisor I am, of course, immensely proud of what the team have achieved – winning nationals and doing so well in China. My role in their success is advisory, meaning the fantastic students, led by Caroline, deserve all of the credit. They are changing so many lives through their projects, and I can’t wait to see what they do next year. Onwards and upwards.”

Sheffield Enactus students come home with a trophy for the third year running.

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Having made it through the regional rounds of Enactus UK’s National Competition, Sheffield Enactus headed to Canary Warf earlier this month to present highlights from the projects they have run this year.

The Sheffield Enactus students currently have four main social projects:

Homemade – this project works with homeless men in a shelters, teaching them business and employability skills through the framework of a jam making business and by running them interview training and C.V writing workshops.  The profits for this are then used to help the men re-start their lives.

Blankets for Bolivia- here vulnerable women in La Paz are employed to make relief blankets using crisp packets which would have otherwise been unrecyclable, making a blanket twice as warm and three times stronger than a typical relief blanket. Sold to tourists, the profits from these blankets pay for the women to distribute the blankets to the thousands of homeless on the streets of Bolivia.

For the national competition the students focused on their biggest two projects which are HOPE and HOPE Nigeria.

HOPE works with survivors of human trafficking in a jewellery making business to encourage their personal development and enterprise skills. By providing them with skills, confidence and funds to enter employment or start their own business they are able to aid their integration back into society. Alongside this project runs HOPE Nigeria by providing vulnerable women with a stable income the project is able to tackle the number one cause of trafficking, poverty. A co-operative of ten women making Shea butter was initially set up, however due to the success of this, the project is currently working towards setting up a Shea butter business this summer which will employ 20 women, providing them with a stable income and reducing their likelihood of being trafficked.

Having made the decision to create an introduction to their presentation that was away from the norm and out of the traditional framework the team had an excellent response to the way they showed the values of Team Sheffield and what makes them so impressive, receiving amazing feedback.

After two days of presentations from 41 teams Sheffield emerged triumphant as second place winners in the 2013 national Championships, the third time in as many years that they have come away with a trophy.

If you didn’t manage to make it to one of Sheffield Enactus rehearsals a link to the video is below:

For more information on Enactus please visit their website