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Institute of Work Psychology high profile at BPS flagship conference

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Staff and students from the Institute of Work Psychology (IWP) are once again a powerful presence at the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology Conference in Chester, taking place on 9-11 January.

The conference is the flagship conference for the Occupational Psychology profession in the UK. We are proud to announce that  IWP has posters and symposia delivered by four of our recently-graduated MSc students, a current PhD student, and four of our academic staff. Numerous alumni of the IWP are also presenting their work. IWP contributions are as follows:

Dr Kamal Birdi is presenting his research looking into the effectiveness of knowledge sharing in European police organisations.

Dr Angela Carter has organised a symposium of papers relating to how Occupational Psychologists can support young people in their pursuit of employment.  As well as facilitating a group discussion, Dr Carter is presenting her model that explores issues of youth employment.

Dr Karoline Strauss has been invited to showcase her work by the Division, as an illustration of exemplary research suitable for the upcoming Research Excellence Framework review.  Dr Strauss’ presentation focuses on proactive behaviour at work, and its relation to individuals’ careers.

Natalie Clark is presenting her MSc dissertation on employee development, which examines how an organisation can maximise its return on investment in austere times.  Natalie worked alongside Stuart Duff from Pearn Kandola Business Psychologists, and was supervised by Prof John Arnold.

Leanne Ingram and Marc Van Huizen are co-presenting their study into the implementation and evaluation of mindfulness training.  Marc and Leanne carried out their MSc projects with Dr Nadine Mellor of the Health and Safety Laboratory at Buxton, and were supervised by Prof John Arnold.

Stephen McGlynn, a PhD student at IWP, is hosting a series of communication workshops at the Conference, and is also graduating from the Division’s Leadership Development Programme, a new initiative designed to develop future leaders of the profession.

Emma Rowett is presenting a poster on her MSc project, which investigated the factors that lead to proactive behaviour.  Emma was supervised by Dr Karoline Strauss.

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