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Sir Peter Middleton shares expert advice

Friday, March 9th, 2012

The Management School was delighted to welcome Sir Peter Middleton, GCB, to deliver a guest talk to MBA and postgraduate students and staff on 1st March 2012

Sir Peter is currently the UK Chairman of Marsh & McLennan companies, Chairman of Marsh Ltd, Chairman of Mercer Ltd, and Chairman of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution and the Chancellor of The University of Sheffield. He is also  an alumnus of the University (BA Economics 1955). Sir Peter was invited to share his expertise and knowledge on the topic of ‘Leading and managing business and organisation in the age of uncertainty’, followed by a Q&A session.

Guest lecture by Sir Peter Middleton 1st March 2012

Dr John Paul Kawalek, Director of the MBA, said: “It was great to have someone with such a career profile as Sir Peter to come and give a talk to our MBA students. The MBA programme is about getting great thinking into practice, and getting somebody who is a successful business leader, alumnus of the Management School and Chancellor of the University, coming to talk to our students was a real privilege and inspiration. His talk was about ‘Leading and managing business and organisation in the age of uncertainty’. This is of course hugely topical and one that is highly relevant to our MBA students. They were able to listen and ask questions directly about his first-hand experiences and the lessons he has learnt throughout his career. Sir Peter was able to share his point of view and he encouraged students to think about the challenges they may face in business, and how to use their skills and knowledge to deal with such situations. I would like to invite Sir Peter to talk to future cohorts, and to play a role in preparing our MBA students for practice.”

The school’s programme of guest lectures and talks are one of the ways in which students have the opportunity to meet and talk to such successful business leaders and alumni as Sir Peter, and are able to listen to their invaluable first-hand experiences in their field of business expertise.

“I greatly enjoyed the rare privilege to attend Sir Peter Middleton’s talk recently as part of my MBA degree at the Management School. He managed to convey in a very down to earth manner some of the key lessons, acquired through his extensive experience in leading and managing businesses. Obviously, we as MBA students are keen to absorb such concentrated knowledge from the leading business experts, which is not otherwise easily accessible. A Q&A session followed the talk and I was not surprised to see how many colleagues were able to identify themes of particular interest and relevance to their previous and prospective business experience. I feel that Sir Peter’s lecture has contributed overall to my MBA, in that it has given me an upgraded view on how to approach business critical situations and specifically the way we should think about them.” Said Lyubo Mishkov MBA student 2011-2012.
Guest lecture by Sir Peter Middleton 1st March 2012

“It was a great pleasure to be asked to deliver a talk to Management School students as part of their postgraduate programme, and it was an offer I was delighted to accept. During the Q&A session I was pleased to be asked my opinion and advice on various business issues, which demonstrated to me the student group’s clear grasp of not only the skills and knowledge required to lead in business, but their awareness of the challenges that any business may face. Such issues are of course at the forefront of today’s economy, but it was pleasing to see that the students saw the relevance of my experiences to their own experiences of today. This was a great opportunity and I hope to continue my involvement in similar activities with the Management School in the future. ” Said Sir Peter Middleton, GCB, UK Chairman of Marsh & McLennan companies, alumnus and Chancellor of The University of Sheffield.

The Management School runs a series of expert and guest lectures throughout the year and is look forward to working with Sir Peter and other experts and alumni in the future.

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MBA student offered project opportunity at The Maynard and Whirlowbrook Hall

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Congratulations to Pritee Gaikwad, an MBA student at The University of Sheffield  Management School, who has been offered a Postgraduate project opportunity at The Maynard and Whirlowbrook Hall.

The Fretwell-Downing owned businesses of The Maynard and Whirlowbrook Hall have teamed up with the University of Sheffield to offer this Postgraduate opportunity to Pritee. Working alongside the management of Fretwell-Downing, Pritee will be analysing various hospitality industry marketing trends and majoring on the potential impact and benefit of social media in the hospitality sector, and will be tabling her report in three months’ time.

Professor Anthony Fretwell-Downing, Chairman of F. Fretwell-Downing (Group) has a long standing and supportive relationship with the The University of Sheffield as an alumnus himself of the Management School and as Chancellor of the University.

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Congratulations to management MBA students who won the ‘Most Innovative Idea’ in the Procter & Gamble MBA Sustainability Challenge 2011

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

This years sustainability challenge was posed by Procter and Gamble and gave MBA students the opportunity to tackle a live issue faced by an organisation before presenting their findings and recommendations to a judging panel, which included a senior executive from the organisation.

The Sheffield MBA team consisted of Deb Upadhyaya, Deepali Sahni, Deven Deshpande and Deepak Venkatraman, and their winning offer for the ‘Most Innovative idea’ was the The Earth’s Friend Program.

See the team being presented with their certificate at:

When asked what the background for this idea was, here’s what the team said:

“P&G wants to influence consumer behaviour for their products which are being innovated keeping sustainability in mind. So EFP tells them how to achieve this:

P&G can put a code on all its products. When a consumer buys a product, she enters that code into the P&G website or calls P&G’s global consumer relations team and gets bonus points for it because she is using a sustainable product. Then, instructions about how that product was used pop up and consumer needs to tick the way she used the product. She gets more bonus points for using the product in a sustainable way. Finally, a chart pops up which tells the consumer the total bonus points and how they relate to the carbon footprint of the consumer and the impact on Earth. So, consumers can actually see how they are making an impact on the planet. P&G gets a real-time database of its consumers and how they are using its products and their geographical locations. So, they know how to market their products and to which consumers. They can further educate them to use them more efficiently and with minimal impact on the environment.”

“Our offer for Proctor and Gamble incorporated a ‘win-win’ strategic framework of incentivising use of innovative sustainable product lines through a customer loyalty program Earths Friend Program (EfP). Utilising informatics and bar code technology a bespoke loyalty scheme leverages high usage of sustainable products by giving loyalty bonus points translated as sustainable footprint and in essence P&G products becoming a catalyst for positively influencing change in the consumer behaviour to better sustainable habits. In essence it “Pays to be Green”.

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