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Management School celebrates at the 2013 Winter Graduation Ceremony

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

A reception was held on 10th January for Management School staff, students and alumni in celebration of all those who successfully graduated at the 2013 Winter Graduation. The following prizes and special awards were also presented:

P&A Prize for Organisational Leadership  
The P&A prize was announced by Linda Lewis, Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, and presented by Kate Robbins, Forum’s Manager. The recipients for best overall performance in Experiencing Enterprise, New Venture Planning and the final project on the MBA course were:

  • Peter Clayton
  • Zahra Alomani
  • Lyubomir Mishkov
  • Joel Logue
  • Xun Zhao

Chartered Institute of Marketing Prize for Marketing
The CIM prize was announced by Linda Lewis, Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching and presented by Professor John Cullen, Associate Dean for Knowledge Exchange. The prize for  the best MBA Project in the area of Marketing went to:

  • Peter Clayton

The CIM prizes awarded for performance on the MSc programmes  were again announced by Linda Lewis and presented by Daragh O’Reilly, programme director of MSc in Marketing.  The best overall performance across Marketing modules for the MSc in International Management and Marketing programme was awarded to:

  • Charalambos Charalambous

The best overall performance across Marketing modules on the MSc in Marketing Management Practice programme was awarded to:

  • Rodrigo Afonso

Geoff Sykes Memorial Prize
The Geoff Sykes Memorial prize for best overall performance on the MBA programme, announced by Linda Lewis and presented by John Cullen, went to:

  • Peter Clayton

Congratulations to all our prize winners and to all our Management School graduates.

See pictures below:

P&A Prize for Organisational Leadership 2011/2012 awarded to Peter Clayton
P&A Prize for Organisational Leadership 2011/2012 awarded to Zahra Alomani
P&A Prize for Organisational Leadership 2011/2012 awarded to Lyubomir Mishkov
P&A Prize for Organisational Leadership 2011/2012 awarded to Joel Logue
P&A Prize for Organisational Leadership 2011/2012 awarded to Xun Zhao
Geoff Sykes Memorial Prize awarded to Peter Clayton
Chartered Insitute of Marketing Prize awarded to Charalambos Charalambous
Chartered Insitute of Marketing Prize awarded to Rodrigo Afonso

Masters of the ice

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Sheffield Management School  Steelers StarsProfessor John Cullen and Business Development Manager Merryn McGregor caught up with Management students and Sheffield Steelers stars during a recent training session.

The partnership between the University of Sheffield and the Sheffield Steelers gives players of the team a chance to combine their high standards of sporting talent with academic excellence, by providing the opportunity to study for a post graduate qualification at the Management School, whilst playing ice hockey.

Left to right:  Matt Stephenson, MSc Management;  Drew Fata, MBA;  Steven Goertzen, MBA;  James Jorgensen, MSc Management and John DeCaro, MSc Management.

Further information

More details about the MSc programmes at the Management School can be found at:

Visit the Sheffield Steelers site at:

New Msc Entrepreneurship grounded in workplace experience

Monday, October 29th, 2012

With the technology sector remaining one of the most popular fields to work in, the benefits of taking a postgraduate course with links to the sector in place cannot be underestimated.

A recent Daily Telegraph article discussed how further study can help a career in the technology sector. Dr Tim Vorley spoke about the benefits of the links The Management School has in place for the MSc Entrepreneurship which is launching in 2013-14. “One of the strengths of this programme is our links with University of Sheffield Enterprise (USE), which has a strong tradition of supporting student start-ups. USE has launched an incubator this year for Sheffield students and alumni and this will be open to students on the MSc”.

The idea behind the incubator is to provide space for students who have set up their own businesses to develop their ideas. Philip Moehring of Seedcamp, Europe’s leading micro-seed investment fund and mentoring program, warned that firms in the sector often  have fewer than 10 employees and many who work in technology investment  have built their own start-ups making it rare for anyone to enter without relevant work experience. With the lack of career path possibilities from a junior level in the technology sector, the MSc in Entrepreneurship, along with the Incubator, gives students the opportunities to build a career. The course develops entrepreneurial skills through a student project, which could lead to starting up a business enterprise.

Dr. Vorley explained how the course will look at the different options when it comes to funding, from venture capital and private equity to commercial banks. “It looks at the life cycle of the business, from seed funding for the development to venture capital funding for rapid and mature growth.”

The Management School MSc in Entrepreneurship has been designed to provide alternative pathways for those who wish to develop knowledge of entrepreneurship and through the Careers service will be put in touch with a .wide range of employers; these connections can then be used as the first step to building a career in the sector.

For further information see:

Management School Post Graduate and Alumni End of Year Party

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

The Management School welcomed alumni, post graduate and MBA students, staff and friends of the school to an End of Year Celebratory Evening held at the ICOSS Building on 29th July.

The aim of the evening was to provide a chance for post graduate and MBA students to meet peers, staff and alumni of the school and to share their experiences and provide an opportunity to develop their professional networks for future careers. Amongst the guests present on the night were delegates from the school’s MBA and EMBA programmes, Masters and PhD students, alumnus of the school, Professor Lenny Koh Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs, Prof Bradley Barnes, Senior Lecturer Linda Lewis, Dr Carolyn Axtell and Alumni Officer Jody White from the Management School.

Guests were welcomed by Professor Lenny Koh Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs at the Management School who began by thanking staff, students, alumni and friends for all of their hard work, support and achievements over the past year and taking this opportunity to join in the celebrations. Professor Lenny Koh then went on to give a short speech, beginning with an update of the development of alumni relations of the school including recent alumni events that have taken place across India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and London and the establishment of an Alumni Advisory Board for the school.

Professor Lenny Koh then went on to talk about the influence alumni relations has over the various aspects of the school and future developments; alumni affairs helps advance research through joint working on research projects and publications and raising funds to support research activities, thus creating more opportunities for current and future students. As a member of the Management School, students are invited to expert lectures from guest alumni speakers to listen to their first-hand business knowledge and experiences. Alumni networks also help to develop the school’s business links and engagement, providing further opportunities to students through work and research placements, and develop further the school’s international links.

(To view more photos from the evening go to:

Professor Lenny Koh ended the speech by welcoming current students to continue their relations and friendship through future engagement with the school as alumni to continue the great work and development of alumni relations within the school.The rest of the evening was then an opportunity for guests to relax and network over refreshments and a bite to eat.

The evening was well attended and there was a great atmosphere throughout the night; students shared experiences and their future plans and aspirations, and hopefully made some new contacts. “A very successful and well attended evening,” said Professor Lenny Koh, “It was very encouraging to meet so many of our ‘soon-to-be-alumni’ and also welcome back alumnus of the school and have this opportunity to celebrate the hard work and support of our staff, students, alumni and friends of the Management School. This is a great example of how the alumni relations programme at the school can help and support current students and hopefully demonstrates the benefits and opportunities available to them by continuing their relationship and friendship with the school through alumni engagement. We envisage holding similar events in the future and look forward to the future progress and development of alumni relations at the Management School.”

(To view more photos from the evening go to:

Scholarship for Steelers Star

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Chad Huttel is the latest member of the city’s infamous ice hockey team, the Steelers, to benefit from one of the University of Sheffield’s Scholarships available to applicants from the team.

The partnership between the University of Sheffield and the Sheffield Steelers gives players of the team the opportunity to study the post graduate qualifications at the Management School, whilst playing ice hockey. This innovative collaboration gives the players a chance to combine their high standards of sporting talent with academic excellence.

Chad welcomed the opportunity to study at the University of Sheffield to progress his education by taking a place on an MSc course, as part of his offer of a place in the ice hockey team.

For more details of the story see:

We’ll never walk alone: Liverpool FC comes to the Management School

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

On 17th March the Management School hosted a guest talk for students by Mr Hrishikesh Shende, Partnership Development Coordinator, Liverpool Football club.  Rishi talked about  ‘the commercial management of an English Premier League team’.  The talk started with a rousing video of Liverpool in action, and the collective voice of the world famous Kop.  The talk went on to cover the delicate balance between playing success and financial performance, the importance of television income and how partnerships are set up with other commercial organizations.   A theme of the talk was the truly global span of the Liverpool brand, illustrated by the partnerships and strategies tailored to different overseas markets.

The financial importance of finishing in the top four of the English Premier League, performing well in the champions League, and the development of a new stadium with a far expanded match day capacity, were all made clear.  Interesting contrasts were made between the management of professional team sport in the USA and the UK; and also between football clubs in England and the rest of Europe.  It was clear how clubs can be tempted to invest heavily to gain playing and financial success, but how the risks of failure are also great.   Students also had the opportunity to ask Rishi about his own career and how he had obtained his present post.  He is himself a life long Liverpool fan.

The talk was arranged through Sidhanta Patnaik, who is a student on our MSc Management (Sport and Recreation) course, and Dr Geoff Nichols, a lecturer in sport management.   The School is very grateful for Rishi coming to give this guest talk to our students.

MSc in Human Resource Management receives CIPD accreditation

Friday, February 27th, 2009

The School’s MSc in Human Resource Management has been accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. This means that graduates of the programme will be eligible for Graduate Membership, and can then progress to Chartered status on obtaining the requisite work experience.

CIPD Graduate Membership opens up a wide range of careers for graduates of the Sheffield MSc HRM. The School’s CIPD Centre status confirms the excellence of its teaching and research in the field, and the relevance of learning for practice.