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#12daysofthinking – the Management School’s contribution

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

In December 2016, the University of Sheffield ran a campaign sharing academic reflections on the most pressing issues facing our society, via Twitter and

Here we share the Management School’s contributions. You can see all of the activity by searching the #12daysofthinking hashtag.

Prof Jim Haslam on The State of our Planet:


Dr Christine Sprigg, Prof Pauline Dibben, Dr Chris Stride and Prof Jason Heyes on The World of Work:





Dr Geoff Nichols on Our Health:


“I’m game!” – SUMS reviews motivation of volunteers in sport

Friday, February 19th, 2016

Picture1  Picture3

What was the incentive for 2012’s London Olympics voluntary games makers? Why do people take time to coach sport for free? When are you most likely to volunteer for a local organisation?

Dr Geoff Nichols from the Management School was recently commissioned by Sport England; which aims to promote sports participation and sports volunteering; to review the motivations of people who volunteer in sport.

Geoff and his team, including Management School PhD students Caroline Knight and Helen Mirfin-Boukouris, reviewed over 130 existing academic papers and research reports – the first time this type of review has combined research from sport with volunteering. They were able to examine the motivations of sports volunteers in different roles and also gain an understanding of how these roles change throughout people’s lives as a result of their values, circumstances and experience.

The review’s findings identify that motivations to volunteer are complex and varied – participants’ volunteering could be influenced by their personality, values, identity and resources; relationships and social networks; groups and organisations which they’re a part of; their environment; and wider societal and global factors. The team identified a particular gap in research around sports volunteering in universities.

There’s significant potential for further research in the area as well as impact, as the review will help Sport England develop a volunteering strategy in response to a request from the Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Following the department’s 2015 publication, ‘Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation’, the Government are keen to diversify and increase numbers of people volunteering in sport and have tasked Sport England with publishing a new volunteering strategy for sport and physical activity in 2016 – work by Geoff and his team will inform this.

Geoff and Caroline recently presented a summary of their review to representatives of national governing bodies in sport at a meeting at the English Institute of Sport. Geoff will also discuss the work at the next meeting of the Sport Volunteering Research Network in London.


Click here to read the full report (Nichols, G., Hogg, E., Knight, C., Mirfin-Boukouris, H., Storr, R. and Uri, C. (2016) Motivations of Sport Volunteers in England: a review for Sport England.)

Management School at the 2014 ESRC festival: Find out more

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Next week, Sheffield academics take to the floor and open their research up to the general public, thanks for the 2014 ESRC Festival of Social Sciences.

The Management School is hosting a number of seminars as part of the event, which runs from 1-8 November – all of which support the School’s Mission to promote socially responsible work practices and have a positive impact on organisations and society throughout the world.

On Monday 3 November, Professor Lenny Koh brings her substantial expertise in supply chain management and resource efficiency to the Management School’s Hitchcock Boardroom. In a session from 9-10:30am, Prof Koh will discuss the University’s new Advanced Resource Efficiency Centre (AREC) which combines the our expertise in supply chain management, advanced materials, agritech and energy to produce a unique, world-class research facility.

As the leader of AREC, Prof Koh is an renowned expert in this field so the event could be of great benefit to businesses interested in ‘Improving Supply Chain Efficiency and Competitiveness under Resource Scarcity’. Her second session on Monday could also be extremely useful: ‘Promoting Sustainable Supply Chain Growth by Research and Innovation Exploitation’. Here organisations could learn how working with AREC, or the CEES and LSCM research centres could benefit them, with particular focus on the SCEnAT tool.

Book onto Prof Koh’s sessions here:

On Tuesday 4 November, Dr Tina McGuinness discusses her expertise in business risk for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), with a particular focus on flooding.

Dr McGuiness will explore the issues SMEs are faced with around flood hazard and how best to prepare your business for this. Sheffield suffered a major flooding event in 2007 which impacted upon a significant number of SMEs, particularly located around the Lower Don Valley. This event will give relevant stakeholders from business and policy the opportunity to hear about the latest research into flood impacts upon SMEs.  It will help you gain insights into the factors that facilitate and enhance resilience to flooding as well as those issues which can exacerbate business vulnerability to the impacts of a major disruption such as flooding

Book on to the events, titled ‘Business as (un)usual: flood risk and SMEs’, here:

Finally, on Wednesday 5 November, Dr Geoff Nichols touches on a very current subject – the transfer of public lecture facilities, such as libraries, to volunteers.

The event will share Dr Nichols’ research findings on the transfer of delivery of local leisure services from local government to volunteers.

The event provides him with an opportunity to disseminate the results of research into the process of transfer of public leisure facilities; including sports centres, libraries and museums; towards delivery by volunteers.  This transfer is happening rapidly – mainly in response to funding cuts – and it will continue.

There are a number of relevant speakers attending the event. You can see the full list of speakers, and book your place, here: