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Students turn Chief Execs to learn big business skills

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Students from the University of Sheffield took on the role of Chief Executives when they presented a 10-year plan to a panel of international experts.

As part of a Rolls-Royce sponsored module, students from the University’s School of Management, took on the role of board members for fictitious customers and competitors.
After formulating a 10 year plan, the students pitched their ideas to a panel including Dr Ian Shellard, who leads the Global Physical Logistics Function at Rolls-Royce, Murad El-Anis from the Business Development section of Rolls Royce, and Professor Lenny Koh, Director of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Research Centre at the University of Sheffield.

The event involved a vigorous question and answer session led by the industry experts, testing the students’ learning and capability to relate theory to practice and the real commercial world. A total of 12 high quality executive presentations were delivered by the students to the panel, which were then assessed with a set of very stringent criteria.

Professor Lenny Koh said: “This has been a fantastic learning experience for the students to really get in there to understand the supply chain of Rolls-Royce. This has been achieved, not only by learning from current academic research, but also from Rolls-Royce- one of the world leaders in civil aviation.”

Dr Ian Shellard said: “The partnership with the University of Sheffield Management School has been established for many years now. Every year, the standard and quality of the work produced by the students has increased. It was very difficult to choose the Winner of the Rolls-Royce Academic of Excellence Award, but this year the prestigious Award went to one of the airframer groups.  I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate all participants.”

Airbus is WINNER of the Rolls-Royce Academic Award of Excellence

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

On Friday 22 May 2009 – At The University of Sheffield Management School, the students of the Rolls-Royce sponsored module – Operations Management delivered their most nerve racking executive presentations in front of a judging panel from Senior Executive of Rolls-Royce, Professor Ian Shellard (Director of Global Logistics Rolls-Royce), Matthew Curren from Rolls-Royce (Senior Technologist), Professor Lenny Koh from Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) Research Group (Director of LSCM and Module Leader) and John Wright (Senior Consultant and Tutor).

Image of winning group

A highly competitive one-day executive presentations representing board of Rolls-Royce, General Electric, Boeing and Airbus, culminated the challenge and excitement of the day where students were pitching their proposed 10 year plan modelling these companies in the aviation industry. The competition was very tough challenging the innovation and commercial relevance of students’ ideas. The process enables a very critical reflection and thinking in terms of understanding the nature and integration of operations and supply chain in business world especially in the highly complex aviation industry.

Image of whole group

Professor Ian Shellard commented: “The presentations and quality of the work were of very high standard, even higher than those of MBAs. I am very impressed of the standard and quality of the work presented. Especially knowing that these are undergraduate students at level 2, this has even impressed me more. The standard of the competition is very high this year and I am very pleased to announce the winner of this year Rolls-Royce Academic Award of Excellence goes to Airbus. Well Done, Airbus for your outstanding performance.”

Professor Lenny Koh said: “Through this long standing collaboration with Rolls-Royce, the students’ learning experience has been significantly enhanced with direct knowledge exchange between industry and academic environments. This partnership provides the best experience for everyone involved in this course and is a prime example of how The University of Sheffield Management School engages with industry. “

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Winner of the Rolls-Royce Academic Award of Excellence 2008 Announced

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Friday, 23 May 2008 – Rolls-Royce’s Director of Global Physical Logistics Professor Ian Shellard announced the winner of the MGT228 Principles of Operations Management: A Rolls-Royce Sponsored Module’s Rolls-Royce Academic Award of Excellence in the executive suite 123.1 at the Management School.

The winning team was:Project Role: Rolls Royce Board - B

  • Edward Harpham
  • Andrew Hopkins
  • Daniel Calland
  • Daniel Thomas

This winning team role-played the Rolls-Royce Board and produced an innovative ten year plan for the company. Prof. Shellard said: “This year the competition is very tough and we managed to short list the top three teams for the prize. The winner team outperformed the others with a very innovative plan and their ability to handle executive questions and evidence of their background research”. Professor SC Lenny Koh, Module Leader of MGT228 announced the winner of the runner up team and said: “It is not an easy decision this year because there are so many potential good work by the students, the runner up excelled in their executive presentation and a coherent plan”.

The Runner up team was:

  • Alison Chen
  • Emma Daley
  • Hannah Dobbins
  • Charlotte Goodbody
  • Nicola Murr

Project Role: Competitor: GE

On Friday 23 May 2008, students gave an executive presentation to a judging panel involving the Director of Global Physical Logistics from Rolls-Royce – Professor Ian Shellard, Technologist from Rolls-Royce – Matthew Curren, Module Leader of MGT228 and Director of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) Research Group at Sheffield – Professor SC Lenny Koh, and Tutor of MGT228 and Consultant – John Wright. This is a very high standard executive presentation and it is part of the assessment in this module. Students were asked to role-play various companies including Rolls-Royce Board, General Electric Board, Boeing Board and Airbus Board. They were asked to propose a ten year plan for their role, which integrates issues such as logistics, supply chain, operations, marketing, quality, strategy, collaboration and industry. The executive presentation summaries their ten year plan, which are documented in their report. Negotiation, team working, executive presentation, project management, analytical and leadership skills are part of the transferable skills students will learn from this innovative challenge.

All participants

All participants