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Visit by Professor Jacques Percebois to the Management School

Friday, July 18th, 2008

The visit by the University of Montpellier’s Jacques Percebois to the School and the University created considerable interest. His University-wide lecture on nuclear industry policy, held in the Department of Engineering Materials on Tuesday, July 15th, attracted over 50 people including outside participation by interested companies and Yorkshire Forward. A further 20 people from around the University attended his more specialised seminar on the International Gas Market, held in the Management School on Thursday, July 17th. Professor Percebois also discussed common research interests with Professor Wright, instigated a new collaborative venture in the area of Doctoral training and made himself available for discussions with PhD students.

Details of the seminar and lecture follow, plus biographical details for Professor Percebois.

Management School seminar: “The International Gas Market and the Liberalisation Process”

Continental European gas markets, or the lack of them, are frequently blamed by the UK government for contributing to the rapid increase in gas prices which we are currently experiencing. In this seminar Professor Jacques Percebois will show how the continental European gas market is organised, both in terms of where gas supplies are obtained from and how they are contracted for and priced. The companies involved (both importers and exporters) and their strategies will be examined, exposing the issues which they pose for regulators.

The University seminar: “The role of nuclear energy in Europe and the reprocessing-recycling policy of nuclear waste in France”

Following a survey of the role of nuclear power in European primary energy balances and in electricity generation, Professor Percebois will discuss the main foundations of French energy policy and the role played in it by nuclear power. The principal focus of the seminar will be on the long-term management of nuclear wastes in France: the French legal framework, the volumes of waste involved, the technology and the prospective costs. The policy decisions which are pending about about reprocessing and storage will also be discussed.

Professor Jacques Percebois:

Professor Jacques Percebois is the Director of CREDEN (Centre for Research in Energy Economics & Law) at the University of Montpellier(1) where he was formerly a long-serving Dean of the Faculty of Economics. He is France’s most distinguished energy economist whose status was internationally recognised last year when he received the International Association for Energy Economics’ Outstanding Contribution Award at its annual conference in Florence. He has contributed to numerous French government enquiries and currently sits on the National Commission for the Evaluation of Research into the Management of Nuclear Materials and Nuclear Waste. He is a member of the board of Gaz de France Transport.