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White Rose Network Success – Enabling Supply Chain Adaptation to Climate Change and a Resource Poor Future

Professor Lenny Koh from The University of Sheffield Management School, Director of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) Research Group (in close collaboration with Professor Lynne Frostick from Hull) recent bid to the White Rose Consortium to create a Sustainability Science Network on Enabling Supply Chain Adaptation to Climate Change and a Resource Poor Future has been successful. This network consists of four PhD studentships, stipend at EPSRC rate, and project support grant.

Project 1: Assessment of the preparedness of supply chains to adapt to climate change
Project 2: Doing Business Under Water: Flooding, Entrepreneurship and Resilience
Project 3: Climate change policy complexity and impact on supply chains
Project 4: Validating the sustainability of biorenewable replacements for petrochemical products

The increase in concern about climate change amongst the general public and shifts in policy and regulations towards reducing resource consumption together result in an imperative for businesses to prepare for the consequences of climate change and move towards a lower carbon future. The existing economic challenges are magnified through the lens of the direct impacts of increasing storminess, sea level rise and resource shortages on the profitability of businesses which demand early adaptation if any organisation is to weather the changes and capitalise on the resulting opportunities. Many larger businesses are already addressing the issues but Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) are generally slower to embrace change. There is therefore a need for research that looks holistically at the obstruction to adaptation throughout supply chains and to design effective strategies to overcome them. This is an interdisciplinary project with different aspects of business being tackled by teams from the four Universities (Sheffield, Hull, Leeds and York). It complements work being carried out within the Centre for Low Carbon Futures (CLCF) and pulls together the Adaptation and Resilience theme (4 strands), Supply Chain Strand and Biorenewable Strand. Professor Lynne Frostick (adaptation and resilience) and Professor Lenny Koh (carbon management) are theme leaders within CLCF.

More information about LSCM:

Please contact Professor Lenny Koh for more
information about the White Rose Network PhD Studentships and CLCF.

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